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Ole Ukena is a German multidisciplinary conceptual artist from Berlin that is living and working in Bali and Brazil. His textile work, installations and sculptures combine elements of humour and mysticism with the 1970s traditions of conceptual art and minimalism fluctuating in between conceptual and intuitive studio practice. His work has been shown internationally in numerous galleries and museums and is present in private and public collections.

“I am idea driven and open to pretty anything: Sculpture, Installation, text, having a chat, video. I work with whatever medium best to execute  the idea. I like to look at the metaphorical potential of a material. At times i repeat the material until its rendered to something else. There has to be a quick pull to the work, a punchline, intriguing visual side to it to pull you in. Yet ultimately they are all riddles to be completed on your own that point towards the questions of a multilayered, slightly absurd  existence itself. Lately i have been working more from an intuitive approach with the embroidery and textile pieces, staying in flow state and just watching the work  unfold.”


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