Zen brush & then brush

Just sliding the finger across the screen. Works like magic.

Here is a selection of 29 drawings.

Distracted Wormhole

Downhill Adventure

Gone Surfing

The weight of a certain amount of guilt at 6 PM

Magnetic attraction for beginners

Moby is a dick

Larry’s birds

The secret of the universe and 25 unimportant white dots

Snail race in fast forward

Einstein’s lost theory

Bored Boa

Family conversation with father, mother, daughter & son reaching the climax

Amoebic vacation[/caption]

Two universes having a look at each others relativity

A ghostwriter dreams about riding ghosts

Punks thinking about world peace, being disturbed by an enthusiastic giraffe

They build a highway around his nose without asking for permission

Big Kahuna goes surfing

Black hole in the process of eating it’s own beginning

Freak eating three chewing gums at once

Erosion motion

Black Gammon

Confused professor thinking about the whereabouts of three missing donots

The beginning of winter

A dentist’s dream
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="695"]Pfff

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