The Timeless Project in Varanassi

Some projects are born in seconds, other ones in minutes. Very few take decades. The “Timeless” project has, of course, taken time to materialize, but—as its name might suggest—the perception of time itself happened to be the project’s subject. I carried this project idea with me for over two years but never found the time to realize it. We travelled 20 hours by train from the northern part of Rishikesh, India to Varanassi which one of the oldest known cities on this planet. Varanassi is truly an incredible place with all of India´s magic and madness condensed in one spot at the same time. Beggars and bankers, spiritual pilgrims and merchants, gurus and gangsters wander the street.  Without further explanation, here a little visual update on what we have been up to.The whole project should be finished in 2013 and it will include video, photography, sculpture and is planned to be presented in a large scale installation. When the time is right, I’ll let you know more about it.



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