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« ATMOSPHÈRE » Show @ Ilan Engel Gallery | Paris

03 02

I would like to invite you to: Upcoming Group Show « ATMOSPHÈRE » Ilan Engel Gallery 77, Rue des Archives | 75003 Paris, France 1st of Februrary – 1st of April Artistes Exposés // – Samuel Bianchini – Stephan Crasneanscki – Ole Ukena Évanescent, indéfini, incontrôlable, une atmosphère se ressent mais se laisse difficilement capter. Brouillard, son, pluie, chaleur, substances, ambiance, sensation, comment représenter ce qui nous échappe, saisir sans réduire ? Trois artistes se sont confrontés à cette expérience pour pouvoir nous la faire partager.

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Stippsvisite (ein Gedicht)

15 08

In einem Monat bin Ich dann endlich auch mal wieder in Berlin. Als kleine Einstimmung ein Gedicht mit dem Titel…   STIPPVISITE Vorfreude. Hefeweizen. Bundestag. Ehen scheitern. Flughafen. Passkontrolle. NSA. Fast Kontrolle. Vollkornbrot. Sachen fragen. Abendrot. Jacke tragen. Sechsunddreissig. Ankerklause. Bergmannkiez. Wanderpause. Stunk an der Ecke. Stuck an der Decke. Hartz Vier. Hart hier. Berliner Schnauze. Starkbier. Bionade. Hanfparade. Kater Holzig. Bumm bumm tschak. Hermannplatz. Hermann machen. Schlägerei. Scheisse, fuck. Freunde treffen. Sachen checken. Mucke machen. Supersachen. Mauerpark. Freistil. Ricoloop zum Beispiel. Bäuche wachsen. Kinder purzeln. Ringe kaufen. Feste Wurzeln. Herbstlaub. Raschel, raschel. Kanalspaziergang. Dackel wackelt. Kannst du Kunst? Blabla…

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Giving up is not an option – Solo show in Bangkok

02 01

GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION A SOLO EXHIBITION BY OLE UKENA Serindia Gallery 17 January – 28 February 2013 Opening Reception Thursday 17 January at 6pm Ole Ukena is a German artist from Berlin who spent 2012 in the newly-established Thaillywood Contemporary Artist Residency in Thailand. Having recently participated in an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Ole Ukena debuts his work here at Serindia Gallery, an exhibiting gallery partner with Thaillywood Contemporary Artist Residency. Both Thaillywood and Serindia Gallery are committed to providing a new residency and exhibition platform for Thai as well as non-Thai artists, to collaborate…

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Connected Creativity

02 01

ภาษาไทยโปรดเลื่อนลง: CRE8 FOUNDATION presents: “CONNECTED CREATIVITY” a collaborative art exhibition January 4rd – 10th, 1st and Library Floor. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Opening Reception Saturday 5th January 2013 5.00- 8.30 pm. CRE8 Foundation is a worldwide community of artists and collaborators who inspire and unite children around the globe through collaborative art since 2008. At the beginning of 2012, we started a collaboration with the artist residency Thaillywood in Nongketyai in Chonburi, Thailand, conducting art workshops with children at the local school. It is our great pleasure to present our exhibition that will take place in Bangkok for the…

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Does the artist sleep here at night ?

24 09

  15.000 nails  can leave you a bit puzzled. At a recent studio visit by a group of local kids I got asked: “Does the artist sleep here at night?” I admit to  have late night sessions at times but if I had to choose a piece on which to rest on it certainly would not be “trust”.

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Lost & Found: 3 drawings from 1991

24 09

I recently found three drawings from when I was 7 years old. The first one is called “der dreieckige Alleswisser” (the triangular Mr. Know-it-all) and the other two have pretty interesting names as well like  “Pirat mit Gelbfieber” (Pirate with yellow fever) and “In kleine Einzelteile zerlegter Jagdmann” (hunter separated into small pieces). I have no memory whatsoever of drawing these but I do remember the smell of that paper and the colors. Flashback. der dreieckige Alleswisser” (the triangular Mr. Know-it-all) Pirat mit Gelbfieber (Pirate with yellow fever), 1991

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Giving up is not an option

16 08

For a an open studio day here at the studio in Thailand, I exhibited the first time a new piece called “Giving up is not an option”. It deals with the pressure of having to deliver works in time as well as the difficult moment of when to call an artwork finished and when not. At times the beauty of a piece is actually the unfinished feel of it.  Might that very well be so with this piece ?

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